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Rod Bremner, Ph.D.


Bremner, Rod, Ph.D.

Head, Genetics and Development Division

Toronto Western Research Institute

Professor, Departments of Ophthalmology and Lab Med & Pathobiology

University of Toronto

Tel: 416 603 5865

Lab Tel: 416 603 5800 X2628

Fax: 416 603 5126



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This movie shows a 3D view of a clone of cells in the mouse retina (from work by M Pacal in the lab). A retrovirus expressing a fluorescent protein (GFP) was injected into the retina. The concentration of virus particles is low enough to ensure that only rare progenitors take up virus. The progenitor in this case gave rise to three daughter neurons. This occurs when the dividing progenitor generates one post-mitotic daughter neuron and a progenitor, then the latter gives rise to two post-mitotic neurons. The blue and purple cells are rod photoreceptors and the yellow cell is a bipolar interneuron. Photoreceptors communicate with bipolar cells through extensive synaptic connections.