Vision Science Research Program
Vision Science Research Program
Can we reverse age-related vision loss?
Vision Science Research Program
Studying the science of sight

Application Form for January 2019 award is available now.  Please go to  APPLY.

Application Form for September 2019 award will be available in April 2019.


Current Trainees 2018/2019

Trainees from across the University of Toronto receive mentorship and support.

These trainees are currently supported by the Vision Science Research Program:


Masters Candidates

Amirzadeh, Mohammadreza Molecular Genetics van der Kooy, Derek Retinal stem cells
Ashley, Jenna Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Bremner, Rod Retinoblastoma
Chiu, Iris Yan Cell & Systems Biology Chang, Belinda The evolution and development of the eye (visual pigments)
El-Fayomi, Lyla Molecular Genetics van der Kooy, Derek Retinal stem cells
Janic, Ana Institute of Medical Science Dimaras, Helen Retinoblastoma
Joseph, Hanna Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Yucel, Yeni Glaucoma
Lee, Seunggi Physiology Monnier, Philippe Neuroregeneration
Stulberg, Jeffrey Cell & Systems Biology Tropepe, Vince Retinal stem cells and regenerative biology
Sundaram, Prathima Institute of Biomedical and Biomaterial Engineering Wong, Willy Retinal implants
Vig, Anjali Institute of Medical Science Heon, Elise Inherited retinal degeneration
Walia, Khyati Physiology Monnier, Philippe Axonal regeneration
Wang, Xue Fan Institute of Biomedical and Biomaterial Engineering Monnier, Philippe Application of developmental knowledge to restore sight
Yan, Nicole Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Wallace, Valerie Cone photoreceptor development/degeneration



PhD Candidates

Belair-Hickey, Justin Molecular Genetics van der Kooy, Derek Retinal development and, stem cells, and cellular transplantation
Asare, Afua Health Services Research, IHPME  Wong, Agnes Vision screening to detect amblyopia and refractive errors in children